Killing Procrastination – Part 0

I am such a procrastinator that I often end up having multiple plans, todo lists and projects. I have used almost all to-do lists available on play store, maintained todo lists on a notebook, and even meditated to stay focused. I have read a lot of projects finding the reason for procrastination. But still, I don’t have any clue why I leave the projects in between. So today, I am trying to note down all my findings and reasonings. Maybe that will connect the dots and help me find the reasons for procrastination.


I handle way too much work in a short time. Being at home and having no client work, I often end up doing chores, planning new projects and finding more clients. I also maintain two companies, (xPress Web Solutions and ikoumerce) with my friends and planning another one with two other friends as well. The problem starts when I have to work on all websites and do chores on the same day. I cannot do everything in such a short time. I usually do the chores first and then work for the companies. My own projects die well.

Losing the track

Another main reason for procrastination is maybe losing my flow. Needy friends and acquaintances, business and family often stop me from staying in a flow. Calling me every time I try to stay focused, they obstruct my workflow. To overcome this, I have stopped picking up the phone calls these days. Maybe that will help me out.

Lack of knowledge

Sometimes, it is not the others but I. Big projects often ask for more than I know. Due to lack of knowledge, I stop the project and start studying. Maybe this is a good thing? I don’t know but it does obstruct the project.

Code changes

When things are out of hand and I don’t have much knowledge, I take help of my brother. It is good for short projects but in last android project, it came out disastrous. I could not understand the changes and actions he took. To understand it, I have to read the whole code again or maybe revert to the last commit and start again.

Losing interest

It is happening. I am being forced by the current issues of life to lose interest in programming. The financial problem at its extreme is asking me to stop focusing on next 5 years and start looking for tomorrow. Obviously, I have to leave the long-term projects today and start working on short profitable projects.

I am looking for more clues while trying to stay productive. Stay tuned.

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I am with you on this. Unlike you I work within an office but basically go through the same routing you seems to be following.

The only thing getting me to the finish line are the line managers reminding me about deadlines. This is quite bad though because I'd like to motivate myself to be more proactive.


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Man! That sounds A LOT like me. How's it going now? Let me know if you need any help. I'd be happy to. Stay healthy!

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