Installing api-platform without docker

If you are trying to build an API first application, The API Platform Framework can save you a lot of time. API Platform is a set of tools to build and consume web APIs. It is like a swiss army knife for making API first applications. Read more about it here.

The API Platform's default installation process recommends docker. Docker is amazing. It allows you to ship your code in containers helping the end user to not get frustrated with all the dependencies and installation procedures. But if you are not comfortable with docker, you can install API Platform is using Symfony Flex and Composer as mentioned in the official documentation. This again is not what most people need. Using Symfony Flex, you get only the core of the API Platform and does not provide the complete package.

Installing API Platform using Composer

To install complete API Platform, you should create a project using Composer

$ composer create-project api-platform/api-platform your_app_name

You will be prompted to configure the application. Fill as per your needs and continue. That's it! API Platform is now installed complete with all the dependencies.

cd to your application and test the installation by running the server with

$ bin/console server:run

now fire up your browser and head up to the given address.

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